Handmade wooden spearguns


We present to you the new series of the authentic handmade spearguns Vela with their pioneering and safe welds on the weapon’s body but also the innovative thrice glued handle of the gun with carbon fiber in between the wooden sheets rendering it safe in from tearing (eg in case of a drop).
The weapons are made of three fillets of top quality IROKO wood and are glued together with the well-known technique from Vela. They come equipped with mechanism of reverse design with great sensitivity on the trigger and safety on large tension from the elastics. The weapons are bobbed and tested one by one underwater, according to the setup that each hunter requires. Special care is given to the anatomy of the handle.
They come in a variety of arming lengths 82, 95, 105, 115, 125 and roller 90 and we also offer the body without a trigger mechanism.
We can also per special request construct larger weapons or even in custom sizes eg 93cm.